Ships Specs and tech bits

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The Defiant Class ship
The Defiant class starships were initially conceived as escort vessels, however, when equipped with an impressive array of defensive and offensive weapons, this class of vessel proved its worth in the Federation defense of Sector 001 during the Borg invasion. Since that time this ship has become a formidable escort vessel on the front lines of the Federation's effort to bring peace to the galaxy. Perhaps the most famous ship of the line is the U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205.

Personnel Complement

Officers and Crew 40
Evacuation Limit 150


Overall Length 170.68 meters
Overall Draft 30.1 meters
Overall Beam 134.11 meters


Maximum Velocity warp 9.982 (12 hours maximum)


Quantum torpedoes, four pulse phaser cannons, two photon torpedo launchers

Transport Equipment


4 Shuttlepods
1 Type 10 Shuttlecraft (Named: The Jolly Roger)


Two personnel, one emergency transporter

Deck Layout

Deck 1 Bridge, Warp Core, Transporter Room 1, Back-up Transporter

Deck 2 Infirmary, Crew Quarters, Warp Core, Deuterium Tanks, Pulse Phaser Cannon, Computer Core, Weapons Control Room, Brig, Holosuite

Deck 3 Transporter Room 2, Warp Core, Computer Core, Shuttlebay, Anti-deuterium Pods, Cargo Bays 3 and 4

Deck 4 Shuttlebay, Warp Core, Pulse Phaser Cannon, Cargo Bays 1 and 2
Ships Plan