The Captain

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Lt Cmd Andrew Cook
Educated within starfleet education programme, and with mother and father working in both engineering and sick bay. At the age of 16 was sponsered to enter starfleet officer training programme. Specialised in Security and law, after Graduation was posted to the USS Diligent where he served as security officer, being promoted to chief of security. Completed a command course and was promoted throught the ranks. serving on various ships. Whislt serving on the Diligent Andrew had a realionship with a nurse named Louise. Andrew and Louise married and two years later Louise was killed by a cardasian. Andrew was away whilst Louise was killed. He was on an exchange programme with the Klingons. Serving as second officer onboard a Klingon bird of pray. Andrew picked up many friends in the Klingon empire as he stood side by side in battle and the Klingons acknowledged him as a warrior. Soon after Andrew returned and heard the news of his wife he was promoted to Lt Cmd and transfered to Bravo Fleet where he became commander of the USS Courageous

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Andrew Cook's history
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