Crew Rosta

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Open Positions
To Apply for an open position send an email to the recruiting officer, requesting joinging instructions. A position that is reserved has been done so by the command staff and as such a player may be under training for that position. If you have any problems feel free to contact the captain.

The bridge The Academy
When you apply to join the USS Courageous as either an officer or as an enlisted crew member then you will go through the academy. The academy is a few minor tasks put togeather to help ease you into the way of life onboard. The first of these task's is to design your character. You should consider this task with great care as once you have your character you should stick with it.
The key to this is to make your character as realistic as you can.

If there is a possition onboard that is not listed that you would like to fill please contact the captain. All positions excluding the XO and CO have a deputy

Crew rosta

Commanding officer-(CO)- Lt Cmd Andrew Cook

Executive officer-(XO)- Lieutenant Willem Van Bronckhorst


Senior Conn-OPEN

Chief of Operations-OPEN

Medical officer- 4th year cadet Katrina Angel

Chief Science officer-OPEN

Chief Engineering officer-OPEN

Marine Platoon Commander-OPEN

Marine Platoon Seargent-OPEN


Civilian staff-OPEN

If you have any problems contact the Captain. To fill an empty place feel free to contact the enlistment officer