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  Subspace communications

Below are some links to other ships. and links to the Bravo fleet home page. You may also find emails to various people within the ship. Feel free to email them if you have any questions. If you feel you should have a link added or would like more information on any of the links below please contact the communications officer.

Links and contact emails:

Bravo Fleet Bravo fleet HQ. Home of Bravo fleet

Task Force 58 Home of the Courageous and many more ship's. Email the Captain and let him hear your views. The Executive officer The recruitment officer

USS Mystic NCC-75802 Under the command of Commadore Sara Bosman. The Task group commander.

USS Galaxy NCC 70637-A Under the command of Comander Jarod Parker. Task Group Beta

USS Independence Under the command of Commander Solomon Ezekial. Task Group Beta

USS Cobra This ship belongs to Task force 44 (Grey mist). Under the command of Commander Jonathan Thayer.