USS Courageous NCC-74208

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Courageously we challenge Welcome to the USS Courageous
Welcome to the USS Courageous. The Courageous is a Defiant class escort vessel. We range our skills to fit the needs of the fleet. The ship is part of task force 58 Assigned to Bravo Fleet. To find out more about Bravo fleet see the links page. The Courageous is commanded by Lt Cmd Andrew Cook. For other positions availiable onbaord the ship see the listings on the crew rosta.

IF YOUR NEW TO PBEM OR SIM GAMES PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT THE CAPTAIN AND HE WILL HAPPILY ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS. You dont have to have any experiance to play this game. however a little knowledge of the startrek world does help.

Note From the Captain
Once again welcome to the USS Courageous. I'm Lt Cmd Andrew Cook. Upon my promotion to Lt Cmd I was assigned to Bravo fleet, where I was given command of this fine vessel. The Courageous is a Defiant class vessel which was designed as an escort vessel. The ship serves as much more than an escort vessel, and can be found often venturing out on its own to complete missions. The crew is a small family, we always welcome new recruits and officer cadets. I like my crew to get there job done and to stick to the rules. However rules do sometimes need to be stretched a little. One thing you will learn is you have to have a sense of humor onboard my ship. After all your under the command of Captain Cook. The ships motto is 'Courageously we challenge'

Captains Personal flag. The Jolly Roger
The Courageous has an on going joke about the capatin being named after one of earths old myths, which is a pirate capatin by the name of Cook. Due to this the crew one day put the flag you see in the picture, up in the captains ready room. When the captain returned he smiled (not letting the crew see him smile) and..well..he left it up. To this very day the flag still has its place in the ready room. Also the ships type 10 shuttle craft is also called the Jolly Roger.