Captains log

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Starfleet Captains Log
Here you will find the captains log. Its contains promotions, demotions. General news from around the ship and the captains thoughts.

29th December (2001):
Andrew Cook, Commissioned to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, Bravo Fleet, and assumed command of the USS Courageous NCC-74208, Defiant-class in the Beta Battle Group. Under the battle group commander Commodore Sara Bosman Task force 58.
Well thats what the plaque says. My first command. I have run my own departments before, and I have done a bridge watch many times. I'm a little nervous about this. Hope everything goes well.

20th January (2002): Lt Willem Van Bronckhorst
Assigned to the USS Courageous as the executive officer. I hold my trust in Willem and hope he will be a good asset to the ship. I have seen his work and heard many reports of him. Seems like a good officer.

28th January (2002): 4th year cadet Katrina Angel has been assigned to the USS Courageous. As she is the most senior medical person onboard and since this is a smal ship she will be the chief medical officer. I dont like to assign a cadet to such a possition but I suppose everyone deserves a chance.