Lt Cmd Jefferson

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Lieutenant Commander Michael Jefferson
Michael Jefferson is the father of the dry dock engineer who was tasked to build the USS Courageous. When he was asked to take command of the building of the ship. He had recieved news of his father being missing and ashumed dead. As a monument to his father, the hologram had been given his fathers image and his personality. The memories of his father had also been included in the programme. It is strange that Lt Cmd Cook was given command of the ship. As he and and Michael Jefferson had shared a room back in the academy and so knew each other like old friends.

Lt. Cmd. Michael Jefferson The ships emergency Hologram has been designed in such a way that it can run the bridge, sickbay or engineering. It has been fully included as part of the crew and holographic projectors have been built into the main parts of the ship. The hologram does not have access to some of the minor passageways and the crews and officers quarters. However he can move as one fo the crew around the remainder of the ship